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Test Automation Overview

Today, when for most businesses it is essential to deliver software at lightspeed, automation testing services are in great demand. The thing is that automation testing not only enables significant acceleration of the QA process and reduces time to market, but also ensures the superior quality of a product. If you feel that it is high time to optimize your software testing and speed up your development process, our automation testing services are just what you need.

Automation testing simplifies the whole QA procedure but it, in and of itself, is far from being simple. Automation testing services are multifaceted and consider different aspects of software testing. For example, QA automation services that we provide cover:

Test Strategy Design

We make up a holistic test automation strategy that is a part of the whole test strategy taking into consideration project requirements, development methodology, and deployment process. There we outline our objectives, select testing methods, define automation scope, and make a decision on tools best suited to gain maximum efficiency.

Test Framework Building

To provide the best possible outcomes, we try to select an automation testing framework that perfectly suits a project. In case none of the available frameworks is appropriate, our specialists build a custom test automation framework outlining the guidelines (e.g. coding standards, procedures, test-data reporting, etc.) that must be adhered to while writing and running tests.

Regression Testing

More than often regression testing is time-incentive, effortful, and costly in case it is executed manually. If it is applicable to you, we are here to help you by automating regression testing. These automated regression tests will be run whenever the source code is modified to check an application under test for potential defects with the further identification of their root causes.

GUI Test Automation

That is a graphic user interface that makes the first impression. Therefore, it is important to ensure its proper testing. As a rule, using corresponding automation testing frameworks we automate GUI tests that validate fonts, colors, menus, fields, sidebars, hyperlinks, buttons, and other UI elements across various platforms.

Performance Testing

As long as not only embedded functionality but also performance contributes to app quality and success, we pay particular attention to performance testing. We use the most advanced tools to perform load testing, stress testing, volume testing, and other types of performance testing. Due to this approach, you can be sure that your app will be able to withstand the most diverse and high loads.

Test Script Maintenance

As your product grows and evolves, some features are added, others are deleted. To keep up with the product development, we maintain automated test suites accordingly on an ongoing basis by writing new test scripts, and updating or tweaking available ones.

What we offer:

To offer our clients the best possible automation testing services, we deal with all the QA-related issues. Cooperating with us, our clients can take advantage of:

Test Architecture Design

To achieve the best possible results we start with test architecture design which suggests outlining the guidance for test organization in terms of testing infrastructure development, test automation framework adjustment, test data management, and others with the aim to provide maximum test effectiveness.

Test deliverable configuration

In order not to miss out on anything, we complete a comprehensive list of test deliverables and define requirements for them. Test deliverables are different test artifacts designed to keep all stakeholders well informed. Some of them are drawn up before testing (test strategy, test plan, test scenarios), some during test execution (bug reports), and some after test completion (test summary reports, test metrics, etc.).

Scenario writing

A thorough study and careful analysis of project specifications let us clearly understand the way an app should work and therefore define the most appropriate test scenarios that will cover the most critical parts of software with tests to make sure that core functionality works as expected.

Smart and atomic script design

Test script design is what our QA engineers are extremely good at. Their rich experience, brilliant skills, and profound knowledge let them develop smart, atomic, reusable, maintainable, and easily readable test scripts. This approach to script design provides reliable test results, efficient and early bug detection, fast test execution, easy test maintenance.

Integration of software testing in the CI/CD pipeline

If your development team is one of those that have adopted the practice of CI and CD, we can easily assist you with the implementation of automation testing in the CI/CD pipeline. We use an effective testing workflow with advanced automation tools to provide a fast feedback loop letting your developers know the results of their work in just a few minutes and enabling them to quickly tackle possible issues.

Taking the heavy burden of software testing off your shoulders

We undertake the whole responsibility for your product quality. You can completely focus on your core tasks whereas we take care of your software testing by efficiently handling all the related issues.