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Software Performance Testing Company

We provide performance testing for software, mobile, and web applications determining their scalability, stability, and performance. Our long-term experience lets us provide our customers with high-quality testing services. To let you evaluate our professionalism, we are ready to offer a free trial period. We are sure that you will have got convinced of our competence by the end of the trial period.


Why do you need software performance testing?

  • Your application is slow
  • You expect a big influx of your app users
  • You want to check how work of your application under high load
  • You want to make sure that your application is able to restart quickly and save all data after going down
  • You want to measure performance compared to the old and new versions of the application
  • You are planning to go live soon and do not want to disappoint your clients with low app performance

Types of Performance Testing

  • Performance Testing is a type of software testing that checks the scalability, stability, and reliability of your application as it works beyond normal load conditions.
  • Load Testing evaluates app work in case of increasingly high numbers of users.
  • Stress Testing determines app behavior and response to extremely high volumes of traffic.
  • Scalability Testing checks the ability of the app to handle increasing amounts of load and processing; it can be performed at a hardware, software, or database level.
  • Volume Testing checks the ability of the app to handle vast volumes of data; it is especially useful for applications that deal with big data.