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Our Functional Testing Services

Software functionality and performance is an essential thing in how your users respond to your application or software. If, when you are launching the application, it will have serious bugs and issues that users will encounter, then you can at least get low ratings in app stores, bad reviews on the web and also your users will go to your competitors. If the user goes to your competitor - it can hit your earnings a lot.

So, it is necessary to conduct functional testing of the software. Software testing, which is carried out at an early stage of the development process, will allow:

Detect bugs

Find problems with inaccessibility

Show how well the usability of your application or software works.

That's why this type of testing is a crucial element of software development. Moreover, functional testing shows whether your software works as you expected.

Smoke Testing

As a result of smoke testing is checking whether your app is stable enough for further testing.

Module Testing

Testing of individual functions of the application or software.

Integration Testing

Testing groups of functions to detect errors during their interaction.

System Testing

Testing of all functions.

User Acceptance Testing

Software testing in real scenarios is performed to ensure compliance with specifications.

Regression Testing

Testing of software functions after the upgrade, so that the changes do not affect the previously working functions.